Video List in Alphabetical Order

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Adhesive Web
Air Stapler Use and Care
Assembly of R-Trac Track for Cord Draw
Attaching Ripplefold Snap Tape to R-Trac System
Attaching Shades to EZ-Rig™ Track with Hook & Loop Tape

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Basting-Tacking Gun
Bead Chain Splicing Tool
Buckram Sample Pack
Button Embellishments from Finestra Decorative Hardware
Button Form Clasp

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Cambric Upholstery Fabric
Cardboard Tack Strip
Cartridge Pleat Tape
Clear Batons
Clear Poly Tubing
Clear View Ruler
Clip-n-Wave Tape
Cord Adjuster Orbs
Curtain Rods
Curtain Rod Threading Tips
Custom Labels
Custom Solutions
Cutting and Setting Die Care and Storage

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Decorative Grommets #12: Nomad Style
Deep Pleat Header Tape and 4-Prong Drapery Hooks
Diamond Head Upholstery Tacks
Double Ended Needles
Drapery Batons
Drapery Straps
Drapery Yardage Calculator
Dry Spot Remover

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Electric Rotary Cutter
Euro Measuring Stick
Extra Wide Lint Roller
Easy Glide Shower Curtain Rings
EZ-Rig™ Shade System
EZ-Set™ Grommets and Grommet Setter

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Fabric ID Tape
Fabric Protectant Spray
Fabric Sample Card
Fabric Stapler
Fiberglass Shade Ribs & Splices
Finestra Decorative Hardware Quick Ship Program
Finestra® Decorative Hardware Buttons and Tassels
Finestra® Decorative Hardware Metal Collection
Finestra® Decorative Hardware Routed Poles
Finished Button Clasp
FirmaFlex Fiberboard
Flat Worktable Weights
Flexible Metal Tack Strip
Foam Hole Cutter for Upholstery
Foam Saw
Fringe Adhesive

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Gimp Trim
Goblet Pleat Tape
GridLine Tape
Grommet Tape

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Hand Adapter
Hand Sewn Pillow Closure
Headboard Cleat
Hem Clip
High Quality Down or Poly Duvets
High Temperature Glue Gun
Hollow Wall Fasteners
Hook Strip
How-to Replace Parts on the Pinsetter

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Installation Sample Pack
Installation Template
Installing the Universal Drive Cord Tension Device
Intro to Cord Lock and Pulleys
Introduction to Button & Grommet Press
Iron On Bonding Tape
Iron Soleplate Cleaner
Iron-On Batting

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Jet Pin Pinsetter
John James Hand-Sewing Needles
Joining Decorative Twist Cord
Jute Stretcher

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      Back to Top
Laminated Roller Shades
Laminating Adhesive
Large Bolster
Laser Measurer
Lead Free Weights
Lead Weights
Loading a Pull on the Nylon Zipper Chain
Loading a Slide on Invisible Zipper
Loading Zipper Pulls on the Molded Tooth Zipper

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Magnetic Tack Hammer
Making Buttons with the Grommet / Button Press
Micro Welt Cord

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Nail Holder/Starter
New Pillow Shapes
Notched Right-Angle Pin Strip

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Overview of Roller Clutch and Roller Spring Systems

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Paint and Wood Stain Markers
Painted Hex Head Screws
Pattern Making (Pattern Making Paper & Drafting Tools)
Pen Style Chalk Markers
Perfect Pleating Tape
Picture Enlarger Instructions
Pillow Buttons
Pillow Holder
Pillow Templates
Plastic Snap Together Grommets
Pleat Control System
Products for Sheer Materials
Professional Presentation Using Packaging Materials

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Ready Hang Bracket
Retractable Bit Screwdriver
Reverse Mounted Shade with EZ-Rig™ System
Right Angle Hook and Pin Strip
Roman Shade Weight Bar & Fabric Tubing
R-TEX Fusible Stabilizer
R-Trac Baton Draw for Ripplefold
R-Trac Baton Draw with Carriers for Pins
R-Trac Drapery Hardware Components
Rubber Grommet Washer

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Safety Glasses
Sausage Bead Weight
Screw Eye Drivers
Screw Eyes
Serpentine Tape
SewGrip Gloves
Sewing Machine Needles
Sew-On Tapes
Shade Operating Systems for Sure-Shade™ Products
Shower Curtain Fabric
Shower Curtain Rings
Silicone Spray
Snap Together Buttons
Spray Adhesive
Spring Tension Rods
Square Grommets
Straight Edge Ruler
Stringing a Traverse Rod
Super Heavy-Duty Telescoping Traverse Rods
Sure-Shade™ Components Overview
Sure-Shade™ Encased Lift Cord Shroud Tape
Sure-Shade™ Encased Lift Cord Shroud Tube
Sure-Shade™ Lift Band Shades
Sure-Shade™ Universal Drive Tension Device

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Tape Measure Grip
Time-Saving Magnetic Items
Translucent Mini Pleat Tape
Triple Pinch Pleat Tape
Troubleshooting the Soft Shade Traversing Clutch System

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Upholstery Marking Chalk
Upholstery Nails
Upholstery Regulators
Upholstery Staple and Nail Removers
Upholstery Tufting Needle

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Velvet Ironing Pad

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Welt Cord Sample Pack
Wood Tassels and Cord Condensers
Workroom Sample Pack

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Zipper Threading