R-TEC Upholstery Air Stapler

  • Both NSG10 and NS11 shoot 22 gauge, fine-wire staples and are light weight (2.15lbs) for easy handling.
  • Overall approximate dimension: 8 1/2'' x 8'' x 1 3/4''.
  • Quick-release magazine latch for fast staple loading and holds 160 staples.
  • Long Nose (NSG10)has a 1 7/8'' nose and reaches into corners of cornice boards and other tight spaces.
  • Short Nose has 3/4'' nose and is ideal for upholstery applications.
  • Operating air pressure range: 80-90 psi.
  • Storage case is included.
  • Air hose is not included.
  • 90 day parts and warranty included.
  • Click here for instructions.


  • Category: Upholstery


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