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18 Channel Power Distributor

18 Channel Power Distributor

18 Channel Power Distributor for DC Moto

Higher 15V output allows for greater cable lengths from motor to power panel, freeing up routing options within an installation. Removes the need for multiple individual power adaptors for each DC motor in an installation, combining each power source into a single location. Channels may also be wired in parallel to provide additional power to larger motors.

  • Capacity for up to 18 ARC DC motors (25 mm, and 28 mm motors).
  • Ability to parallel connect motor supplies for higher current motors (35 mm).
  • LED status indication for checking whether power is being applied to panel.
  • LED status indication for each individual motor supply.
  • Requires 16/2 to 24/2 gauge cable hookup.
  • For more details, visit R-TEC Automation® Systems.

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