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5V Micro USB Magnetic Charger Kit

5V Micro USB Magnetic Charger Kit


The R-TEC Automation® Li-ion Battery Motors are a robust solution for new and retrofit shade applications. The Lithium Ion Battery can hold a charge up to 500 shade cycles, but like every battery device a recharge is required. Charging R-TEC Automation® shades has never been easier with the latest release of the Magnetic Charger. Simply snap the charger in place and pull off when fully charged.

A strong magnetic pull force eliminates the need for a ladder to access the charging port; bringing greater independence to home occupants when a recharge to their R-TEC Automation® Shade System is needed. Removal of the magnet is a simple pull to disconnect. The attached motor pole is discreetly hidden and out-of-site when charging is idle preserving the finished aesthetic of the window shade.

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