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Drapery with Square EZ-Set™ Grommets

This instruction is for lined, single width panels.

Materials and Supplies:

  • Drapery Fabric
  • Lining Fabric - #LN
  • EZ-Set™ Grommets - #GE/ or GEQ
  • EZ-Set™ Plastic Grommet Setter - #GSP12
  • 4'' wide Buckram - #BXA24
  • Lead-Free Drapery Weights - #SW37 or SW25
  • Scissors
  • Straight Pins - #TP49
  • Steam Iron

Step-by-step: Pattern Pieces

1. Cut drapery and lining fabric. Turn a 4'' fold at the bottom of each cut piece of face fabric; press with an iron and then turn again for a 4'' doubled hem. (Photo 1). Secure the hem with straight pins. Sew hem by machine or hand stitching. Trim away the selvage edges of the hemmed drapery panels if the edges are puckering or frayed. On the lining material, turn a 3'' fold at the bottom of each cut piece and fold again, creating a 3'' doubled bottom hem and sew. One
2. Cut a piece of iron-on buckram for the top heading of each drapery panel 6'' shorter than the width of the drapery panel fabric. Center the length of the buckram at the top edge, centered on the wrong side of the drapery panel and press in place with a steam iron. (Photo 2). Turn a 4'' fold including the buckram and then turn again for a 4'' doubled heading with the buckram inside the fold and iron neatly. two
3. Along each side, with the fabric face down, fold over 1 1/2'' of fabric and iron. Fold again to create side hems. (Photo 3). three
4. With the drapery face down, place the hemmed lining over the drapery face up with the bottom of the lining 1'' shorter than the face fabric. Cut away excess lining along the sides and top even with the edges of the drapery. (Photo 4). Tuck the lining under the folded buckram heading at the top and under each side hem. four
5. Place a lead-free drapery weight in the folds of each side hem at the bottom. (Photo 5.) Secure the heading and side 5. hems with straight pins. Sew side hems by machine or hand stitching; the heading does not need to be sewn. five
6. Plan grommet spacing. Allow 8 grommets for each drapery panel. (Always use an even number of grommets). On 6. the reverse side of the drapery, measure 4'' from each edge at the top heading, this will be the center mark for the outside grommets. Measure the distance between the two marks and divide by 7. This will be the center point of each additional grommet across the heading. Mark the grommet holes using the template provided on the package, with the top edge of the hole 1 1/4'' down from top of the drapery, centered at each mark along the heading. (Photo 6.) six
7. Cut out one grommet hole, cutting through all layers. Place the base of the setting die on a sturdy surface with the 7. grommet front, face down on the die. Place the fabric, face down over the grommet, being sure that the square edge of the grommet is even and square with the top of the drapery. ( Photo 7.) seven
8. Top with the grommet washer, teeth side down and the setting die top. Use a hammer to set the grommets, striking 8. in the center of the setting die. (Photo 8.) eight
9. Continue cutting holes and adding grommets across the entire heading. Slide the 9. decorative pole rod through the grommets and place pole into brackets mounted at the window. (Photo 9.) nine


  • Square grommets can be set in a diamond shape. To do this, use 5'' wide buckram and draw the grommet hole with the top edge of the hole 1 3/4'' from the top edge of the drapery.
  • Inside diameter of the EZ-Set™ Grommets will fit decorative pole rods with a diameter of 1 3/8'' or less.
  • Grommets have many creative uses including decorations for pillows, hand bags, crafts and more.


Fabric Yardage: Install rod over window and measure from the top of the rod to the desired finished length. Add 17 1/2'' to the finished length to allow for hems and headings. Length + 17 1/2'' = Cut length x number of drapery panels needed. Divide by 36'' to determine the yards of fabric needed.

Note: allow extra if using a fabric with a large pattern motif, to allow for matching pattern.

  • Lining Yardage: Add 6'' to the finished length. Length + 6'' = Cut length x number of drapery panels needed. Divide by 36'' to determine the yards of lining needed.