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Decorative Hardware | Roomscape Styles | Pattern

Stay up-to-date with current decorating trends. Follow these trend guides to stay current in the industry and to expand your portfolio with popular design styles and techniques for today's spaces.



  AriA® Antiquities Metal Hardware Trend Guide

The Antiquities collection evokes a modern interpretation of traditional silhouettes embellished with multi-pass antique finish options in a larger scale 1 3/8" diameter creating stunning window design options.

  AriA® Artisan Metal Hardware Trend Guide

The Artisan collection features unique glass, wood, stone and metal finial combinations that were designed to evoke the essence of one-of-a-kind artisanal details that will elevate your customized window treatments to the level of high design.

  Finestra® Custom Decorative Hardware Trend Guide

Incorporate the look of old world elegance into modern day decor with Finestra® Custom Decorative Hardware. Inspired by the opulence and historical references of the Rococo, Renaissance and Baroque eras; the Finestra® Custom collection combines exquisite design details with hand crafted finishes evoking timeless luxury and elegance.

  Finestra® Wood Hardware Trend Guide

From traditional to modern, the rich wood grains and architectural details of the new Finestra® Wood Hardware collection will enhance window treatments of all styles and fabrics. The collection combines a hand-crafted look with elegant appeal that adds warmth and texture to a variety of room designs.

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  Feminine vs. Masculine Home Office Trends

Stating that a room is "masculine" or "feminine" doesn't necessarily mean that room is only for men or women. It is simply a way to describe a space that has gender specific qualities. Follow these tips and tricks to achieve a "his" or "hers" look for any room design.

  Master Bedroom Trends

Designing a master bedroom isn’t all about style. Functionality plays a key role in planning the ideal space for a client. Before diving into the fabric swatches and mood boards, ask your clients (and yourself ) these questions.

  Veranda Living - Outdoor Decorating

Outdoor living spaces are a natural extension of the home; however, not all fabrics and materials are appropriate for outdoor use. Knowing how to choose fabrics is important when designing an outdoor or covered space. Be in the know for outdoor decorating trends, tips and weather-friendly material options with these tips.

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  Mix-and-Match Fabric Techniques

Using mix-and-match fabrics can create a high-end look within a space. Add personality and sophistication with a cohesive space that the eyes and mind view as one. Add visual interest and impact by mixing and matching various fabrics, patterns, styles and decor. Learn how to create a unique, one-of-a-kind designer look with these mix-and-match fabric techniques.

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