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Save 10% on Rowley Tools of the Trade
Installation Made Easier
Retractable Bit Screwdriver
Hollow Wall Fastener Installing Tool
Nothing simplifies an installation job like having the right tools. Start with our Retractable Bit Screwdriver — six bits (Robertson, Phillips and Slotted) stored in the handle and ready to lock into place when needed. Pair that with the Hollow Wall Fastener Installing Tool for no-worry installation on drywall.
Grommet and Button Press
Grommet and Button Press Our Grommet and Button Press offers three-in-one functionality for your workroom:
  • equally useful for cutting fabric,
  • setting all sizes of our metal, plastic or EZ-Set grommets and,
  • setting all sizes of the snap together and crimp button forms.
Made of heavy-duty steel, a well-maintained Grommet and Button Press will serve you well for a long time to come.
Grommet Cutters & Setters
Get maximum value from the Grommet and Button Press by having on hand a complete collection of cutting and setting dies for large and small grommets in 12 different sizes. Included are cutters and setters for our square and stainless steel grommets. Grommet Cutters & Setters
The Indispensable Glue Gun
High Temperature Glue Gun An essential tool for so many projects, the lightweight, comfort-grip High Temperature Glue Gun provides excellent output with precise control.  The double heater melts glue twice as fast, which means you can finish in half the time.
Decorative Nail Sample Boards
Gem Upholstery Nail Sample Board
For a professional presentation of all the Rowley decorative nails, including beautiful additions to the collections for 2013, you’ll want to order a new Metal Upholstery Nail Sample Board and Gem Upholstery Nail Sample Board. These portable displays feature removable nails for fabric matching and complete size diagrams on each board.
Upholstery Air Staplers
The Rowley R-TEC Upholstery Air Staplers for upholstery and cornice board construction are available in a short nose model and a long nose model designed to reach into corners of cornice boards and other tight spaces. Each is lightweight, holds 160 staples and comes with its own carrying case. Upholstery Air Staplers
Join Us For a Rowley Webinar
Measuring and Installation Gadgets Care & Maintenance of Electric and Air Staplers

Our upcoming webinars span design, fabrication and installation. Whatever your role in the industry, you’ll find some great tips on tools of the trade. 


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