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Perfect for stylish, modern drapery treatments.

Grommets are the perfect solution to modern drapery treatments. When you’re ready to install these grommets, you need to have the right tools for the job. Our expansive collection of grommets & tools provide you with the resources to add the final touches to your room. From drapery treatments to pillows and duvets, the options for using decorative grommets are endless! Plus, they are available for same business day shipping.

Brass Grommets are corrosion resistant and have the largest selection of shapes, sizes, and finishes to find the right one for your project.

Grom-A-Link™ is an innovative, patented grommet attachment that allows you to attach a baton to a traversing grommeted panel.

• Select our Plastic Grommets if you need easy snap-together installation to save you time and money.

Stainless Steel Grommets designed for outdoor and damp environments like saunas, showers or locker rooms - they will not rust or tarnish.

• Cut and set your grommets, mark grommet spacing using a template, and more with our Grommet Tools.

• Grommet Sample Packs allow you to see, touch, and feel our grommets to select the best one for your job.

Brass GrommetsBrass Grommets

Explore a large selection of Brass Grommets in different shapes, sizes and finishes. Grommets are corrosion resistant and have low profile gripping nubs. Select from various sizes of Round Brass Grommets: #00 - #2, #4, #6 - #10 or #12 - #20. For Square Brass Grommets, select from #12 & #15 sizes, or choose our Nomad Design Decorative #12. Also available in an EZ Set design: #12 Round or #12 Square.

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Innovative, patented grommet attachment that allows you to attach a baton to a traversing grommeted panel. Available in 3 sizes and 9 finishes. Must be accompanied by a grommet of the same size (#12, #15 or #20). Grom-A-Link™ serves as pleat control system when combined with our bead chain; prevents binding when traversing panel.

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Plastic GrommetsPlastic Grommets

Choose from a variety of Plastic Grommets in different shapes, sizes, and finishes. Grommets snap together and grip fabric for a tight hold. No tools required. Select from various sizes of Round Plastic Grommets: #10 & #15 or our larger 2 3/4" ID. For Square Plastic Grommets, select from #10 & #15 sizes. Triangle Plastic Grommets available in #10 & #15 sizes.

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Stainless Steel GrommetsStainless Steel Grommets

Stainless Steel grommets are designed for outdoor and damp environments like saunas, showers or locker rooms. They will not rust or tarnish, and they are safe for fire retardant or other chemically treated fabrics. Only use Hardened Setting Die with these grommets, as other dies will be damaged by stainless steel grommets. Stainless Steel Grommets are available in #12 size only.

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Grommet ToolsGrommet Tools

Grommet / Button Press can cut holes and set grommets or buttons in single or multi-layered fabrics with proper cutting and setting die. Various Cutters & Setters are available for different sizes and styles of grommets: Standard Grommet Tool, EZ-Set, 2 3/4” Plastic, #00 - #8, #10 - #12 or Stainless Steel. The Hand Adapter converts cutting, and setting dies into handheld tools. Combine with our Grommet Press Cutting Block & Chipboard for the best results. Our Grommet Spacing Template saves time by marking grommet spacing on panels.

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Grommet Sample PacksGrommet Sample Packs

The Brass Grommet Sample Pack features all available sizes & colors of our brass grommets, including Square, Nomad, and Grom-A-Link designs. The Plastic Grommet Sample Pack includes size samples for #4 - #20 grommets. Features every color in #10 and #15 size option, and includes two sizes each of the square and triangle plastic grommets. The EZ-Set Sample Pack features EZ-Set #12 round and square grommets in all six colors.

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