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Cutting and Sewing Bias Welt Strips


Materials and Supplies:

  • Scissors
  • Straight Edge Ruler - MR25
  • Chalk Pen - WW13
  • Pins - TP49
  • Welt Cord - WC12




General Information:

  • Bias cuts are used when a fabric needs to stretch or to lie smooth around corners. Generally, in upholstery, welt is cut on the bias.
  • The technique shown here uses 10+ cuts of fabric. You can use this method for 3 or more cuts.
  • This technique shows bias strips being cut at 2''. Bias strip can be cut to any width - the width needs to cover the cord and leave a seam allowance. The lip left aft er sewing can always be trimmed or serged off


1. Unroll the fabric onto the table. Fold one corner back onto itself so that wrong sides are together (Photo 1) with the cut edge even with the selvage edge. Cut along the fold line (Photo 2). The fabric is now cut on the bias (Photo 3). The piece that was cut off can be set aside.


2. Reposition the fabric so that the long cut is straight on the side of the table (Photo 4). Fold the small corner back on itself so that right sides are together (Photo 5).


4.Using a 2'' wide Ruler, 3. mark off the cut lines for the strips (Photo 6).

  • Lay the ruler on the fabric, aligned with the cut edge, then draw along the long edge of the ruler. Draw all the way across the fabric. Move the ruler up and mark another cut.

7. Cut on the marked lines (Photo 7).


Step-by-Step: Joining the Welt

1. Unfold the first strip so that you are looking at the right side of the fabric. Take the top layer of the second strip and place it, perpendicularly, on the fi rst welt strip (Photo 8). Pin the join at the angle you are going to sew the seam. Continue to join all strips. 8
2. Stack all the joins in a pile and take them to the sewing machine. Sew each join, having the stitch line replace the pin (Photo 9). In the photo, a regulator is laying on the stitch line. 9

3. Once one join is sewn, put the next join right next to it and sew (Photo 10). This technique will have all the joins connected by the machine threads. When all joins are sewn, nip them apart from each other (Photo 11).


Step-by-step: Making the Welt Cord

1. Fold the strip around the welt cord and run it through the machine. You can use either a welt foot or a zipper foot (Photo 12). When you get to a join, open the seam and stitch as usual (Photo 13).


If needed, run the sewn welt cord through the serger to trim the seam allowance to a consistent width (Photo 14). 14

Tips and Tricks:

  • When sewing over the join seam, pull the bottom layer of fabric taut to keep the seam the same size as the reset of the welt cord.