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Continuous Metal Bead Chain Loop #10

Continuous Metal Bead Chain Loop #10
  • Continuous #10 bead chain loop.
  • Nickel, Antique Copper & Antique brass- made of plated steel.
  • Brass- made of solid brass.
  • Available in 2', 3', 4', 5', & 6' lengths.
  • Allows continuous threading of chain around the clutch for ease of operation.
  • Discoloration of fabric may occur if Metal Bead Chain is pulled across fabric.


SKU: Drop ColorPrice Quantity Status
BCL22 2' Nickel- - In Stock
BCL23 3' Nickel- - In Stock
BCL24 4' Nickel- - In Stock
BCL25 5' Nickel- - In Stock
BCL26 6' Nickel- - In Stock
BCL32 2' Brass- - In Stock
BCL33 3' Brass- - In Stock
BCL34 4' Brass- - In Stock
BCL35 5' Brass- - In Stock
BCL36 6' Brass- - In Stock
BCL42 2' Antique Copper- - In Stock
BCL43 3' Antique Copper- - In Stock
BCL44 4' Antique Copper- - In Stock
BCL45 5' Antique Copper- - In Stock
BCL46 6' Antique Copper- - In Stock
BCL52 2' Antique Brass- - In Stock
BCL53 3' Antique Brass- - In Stock
BCL54 4' Antique Brass- - In Stock
BCL55 5' Antique Brass- - In Stock
BCL56 6' Antique Brass- - In Stock