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Rechargeable Battery Pack 25/28 MM Motors

Rechargeable Battery Pack 25/28 MM Motors

Large Rechargeable Battery Pack

Enables R-TEC Automation® DC motors to operate wirelessly and without the constraints of traditional battery wands with disposable batteries.

  • Replaces battery wand with replaceable batteries.
  • Provides up to 500 up/down cycles on a single charge (depends on shade size & fabric weight).
  • Compatible with R-TEC Automation® Cord Lift Tubular DC Motors.
  • Small profile allows for optimal placement in window pocket.
  • Battery pack fully recharges in ~ 6 hours.
  • Battery health status reported in R-TEC Automation® App.
  • Requires Battery Charger RTMLDSSBC or optional solar panel RTMSOLAR2 for autonomous re-charging.

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