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Roman Shade Lift Kits

Roman Shade Lift Kits


Combine one of these Roman Shade Lift Kits with any Tubular Motor Roller Shade Starter Kits then add weight bars to make a motorized Roman shade.

EL9KKIT/W - Encased Lift Cord Tube Kit

  • 10 yards Encased Lift Cord Tube, White
  • 5 Roller Clips
  • Maximum Load: 13 lbs

TT56KKIT - Lift Band Kit

  • 6 yards Lift Band, 6"
  • 18 Fiberglass Rib Center Supports
  • 18 Fiberglass End Caps
  • 5 Fiberglass Ribs, 4'
  • Maximum Load: 13 lbs

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