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Wall Mount Switches

Wall Mount Switches

  • R-TEC Automation® is a convenient, comfortable, lifestyle solution that integrates smart technology solutions allowing you to control a variety of window treatments throughout the home.
  • Wall Switches come in both cut in and flush mount configurations and provide a sensible control option for room and whole home control.
  • Available in white.
  • 65’ Range.
  • Download the specification details for R-TEC Smart Controls.
  • Learn more on R-TEC Smart Controls including how to make your motorized window treatments compatible with popular systems.
  • View helpful ordering information on R-TEC Automation® Systems. For more details, visit R-TEC Automation® Systems

View our Digital R-TEC Automation Sales Kit with tools to help sell R-TEC Automation®.


Gain the competitive edge through R-TEC Automation® education and training, visit the R-TEC Automation® Education Library for product instructions, videos, how-to guides and more.

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