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Grom-A-Link™ Grommet Attachments

  • Innovative, patented grommet attachment. Must be accompanied by a grommet of the same size (#12, #15 or #20).
  • Allows you to attach a baton to a traversing grommeted panel.
  • Attach trim or scarf swag with drapery pins.
  • Serves as pleat control system when combined with our bead chain; prevents binding when traversing panel.
  • To connect #12 Grom-A-Link, use #6 bead chain and connectors, for #15 and #20 sizes, use #10 bead chain and connectors.
  • RB and BS available in #12 & and #15 size only.
  • Click here to view instructions.
  • #12 Grom-A-Link Grommet Attachments coordinate with AriA™ Metal Hardware
  • 2 per pack for each leading edge.
  • Recommended for use with EZ Glide Tape.


SKU: Size ColorPrice Quantity Status
GRL12/A #12 Antique Brass- - In Stock
GRL12/R #12 Antique Copper- - In Stock
GRL12/K #12 Black- - In Stock
GRL12/B #12 Brass- - In Stock
GRL12/BS #12 Brushed Steel- - In Stock
GRL12/T #12 Matte Nickel- - In Stock
GRL12/N #12 Nickel- - In Stock
GRL12/RB #12 Oil Rubbed Bronze- - Out of Stock
GRL12/S #12 Satin Smoke- - In Stock
GRL15/A #15 Antique Brass- - In Stock
GRL15/K #15 Black- - In Stock
GRL15/R #15 Antique Copper- - In Stock
GRL15/B #15 Brass- - In Stock
GRL15/BS #15 Brushed Steel- - In Stock
GRL15/T #15 Matte Nickel- - In Stock
GRL15/N #15 Nickel- - In Stock
GRL15/RB #15 Oil Rubbed Bronze- - In Stock
GRL15/S #15 Satin Smoke- - In Stock
GRL20/A #20 Antique Brass- - In Stock
GRL20/R #20 Antique Copper- - In Stock
GRL20/K #20 Black- - In Stock
GRL20/B #20 Brass- - In Stock
GRL20/T #20 Matte Nickel- - In Stock
GRL20/N #20 Nickel- - In Stock
GRL20/S #20 Satin Smoke- - In Stock