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5 Steps to Create Balance When You Find Chaos in Your Business or Life

Have you ever felt your business or life was in chaos? Have you looked at everything on your to-do list thinking it’s impossible to do everything, knowing everything must get done? If you answered yes, then watch this Connects session “5 Steps to Create Balance when You Find Chaos in Your Business or Life” led by industry expert Donna Cash. Donna shares her top five steps to create balance amid the chaos. These steps will work for you in your personal life and for your business, because let’s face it at times there is chaos everywhere.

A Five-Step Recipe For Business Success

Watch the first Rowley Connects session of the 2021 year: “A Five-Step Recipe For Business Success” led by industry expert Donna Cash. During this interactive session, Donna reviews the five basic principles upon which to successfully build your business. There isn’t a better way to ring in the new year than to set your business up for success right from the start!

Align Your Products and Services with Your Vision and Mission!

If you watched Connects session “Vision for 2022 and Beyond”, you have a better understanding of the importance of your business’s vision and mission statement. Join industry expert and entrepreneur Donna Cash as she continues discussing this topic and dives deeper into the conversation of aligning your products and services with your vision and mission. Donna leads this interactive discussion, sharing how pairing down offerings may help you grow stronger and add more value to your business. Download the how-to!

Creating Your Signature Style

Are you working for everyone and anyone? Are you floundering to figure out how to design for the many different client types and design styles? Are you frustrated because you’d love to add your favorite details, but they don’t fit in with the projects you’re working on? If so, this Rowley Connects session “Creating Your Signature Style” is for you! Industry expert Donna Cash shares why you’d benefit from creating your signature style so you can market to the right clientele and create a job you love working in every day.

Define Your Ideal Client

If you are tirelessly working and you feel like you’re never getting caught up, then this session is for you. Donna leads you through the process of visualizing and defining your ideal client, so you can say no more often as you book yourself solid with the right clients.

Handling Price Objections

Have you ever had a prospective client say your prices are too high? How do you answer them? Have you ever thought to pause and then answer the objection with questions to help the client think beyond the price? In this Rowley Connects session, industry expert Donna Cash will share top buyer objections she’s encountered and communication comeback suggestions so that you can turn prospective clients into happy repeat clients.

How-To Build Self-Confidence for Sales Success

Would you like to increase sales and profits but not sure how? Led by industry expert Donna Cash, this interactive session includes a discussion on the journey of building your confidence as a business owner, workroom or designer to increase the sales and profits of your custom products and services.

How-To Cultivate a Healthy Designer-Workroom-Installer Relationship

You’ve heard it before but it’s worth repeating. Communication is key. But, cultivating a healthy designer-workroom-installer relationship is about more than just communication. In this Rowley Connects session, industry expert Donna Cash shares her unique perspective on collaborating with designers, workroom professionals, and installers to assure there are no unhappy surprises at the installation.

How-To Overcome A Difficult Client Relationship

Our Industry Expert Donna Cash leads an interactive discussion on how to identify a difficult client versus a difficult relationship, understand the underlying issues, and decide whether or not it can be fixed. Discover Donna’s tips and techniques for working through difficult client relationships to create a client for life.

How-To Write a Step-by-Step Procedure & How This Skill Benefits Your Business

Led by Industry Expert Donna Cash, hear the techniques she uses to help her write how-to guides, webinars, educational content and business processes. This skill has allowed her to create the job of her dreams, and she wants to help you do the same!

Keep Your Team on Target and Motivated for Greater Productivity

Whether you are a single person business or have multiple employees on the team, your business relies on others for everything you do. Watch Rowley Connects session “Keep Your Team on Target and Motivated for Greater Productivity” led by industry expert Donna Cash, where you will learn to encourage, lead, teach and inspire your team members to grow into their role within the company, which will create time for you to be more productive. Download this how-to!

Moving Slow to Achieve Greater Progress

Do you ever get in a hurry to meet a goal or accomplish your daily to do list, only to realize you are spinning your wheels and not making any forward progress? Do you ever realize moving faster causes mistakes you have to re-do every few steps? If so, watch this Rowley Connects session on “Moving Slow to Achieve Greater Progress”, led by industry expert Donna Cash. In this interactive session, Donna explains why moving slower with intent will help you achieve greater progress both in your business and personal life.

Optimizing Your Workflow

How do you handle incomplete workorders, work in the workroom with no fabric and/or downpayment but you have parts and pieces to start the project? Or, how do you handle the client expectations for a project deadline before all the information has been given? In this Rowley Connects session, Donna shares her workflow system and how she handles the questions asked above to keep all projects in order and control in the workroom.

Self-Motivation - How and Why Does This Work?

Are you a driven person, able to take the initiative to pursue goals and complete them on time, or do you need a little push to move forward, especially if you have a little free time? Then watch this Rowley Connects session “Self-Motivation – How and Why Does This Work?” led by industry expert Donna Cash. Donna shares how self-motivation helps you in your personal and business life and why it works.

The Power of Journaling

Are you aware that writing your thoughts and goals in a journal is more important than just thinking about them? Join industry expert and entrepreneur Donna Cash for the Rowley Connects session, “The Power of Journaling,” where she discusses how writing your goals down with an action plan enhances awareness and clarity over your most important goals, empowering you to use your time and energy more efficiently to help eliminate stress, envision your dreams, and propel your life and business.

Top 10 Marketing Strategies

As a business owner, you must make marketing a part of your business plan to generate new work and keep existing clients. Do you know who is your target market, and who is your ideal client? Watch this Rowley Connects session “Top 10 Marketing Strategies,” led by industry expert Donna Cash, where she shares her top ten marketing strategies to help you in your business journey.

Top Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Watch this Rowley Connects session “Top Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs” led by industry expert and entrepreneur Donna Cash. During this session, Donna discusses how as an entrepreneur and/or a business owner you may have started your business to take your passion to the next level. If you are like Donna Cash, who turned her passion for creating beautiful things with fabric into a full time business, you may have put in many long hours and a lot of hard work to keep the business going. Watch this Rowley Connects session where Donna shares essential entrepreneurial skills for becoming a successful entrepreneur. Download the how-to!

Your Vision for 2022 and Beyond

What is your Vision for the New Year? In this Connects session, industry expert and entrepreneur Donna Cash discusses the importance of having a vision for this upcoming year and beyond. Does your business already have a vision and/or mission statement? If so, is this the guiding force behind your work? Donna shares tips for writing and creating a vision and mission for your business, which then becomes a road map to your success.