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R-TEC Automation® Display Kit

R-TEC Automation® Display Kit


Easily transport and showcase R-TEC Automation® Systems to your customers with the R-TEC Automation® Display Kit.

  • Case & Frame RTMDK casing measures 30" L x 26" W x 8" H with foam inserts to secure the frame and track inside for safe transport. This wood black frame allows you to easily mount and display the automated system of your choice: R-TEC Shade Module RTMDK/SHADE, AriA® 1 3/8" H-Rail Module RTMDK/FMH or R-TEC Track Module RTMDK/TRACK.
  • R-TEC Shade Module RTMDK/SHADE includes a 1 ½” rroller tube installed on a display wood frame; The roller tube is pre-installed with the new 25 mm, 1.1 Li-Ion, 5v tubular motor . A 5v Wall charger RTMLDSSBC and a charging cable RTMLDSSUSB is included.
  • AriA® 1 3/8" H-Rail Module RTMDK/FMH includes 1 3/8” H-Rail measuring 25”, 1 3/8" Automated H-Rail Pulley Kit and Plain End Caps all in Polished Nickel finish.
  • R-TEC Track Module RTMDK/TRACK includes 1 3/8” Smooth Fascia measuring 25" in Walnut finish.
  • Drapery Motor + Battery Kit works with both the AriA® & R-TEC Track Modules, sold separately.
  • Order R-TEC Smart controls sold separately.

Full rebate available. Download the Decorative Hardware Sales Tools Rebate Form.

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