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Good Workroom Supply Kit

Good Workroom Supply Kit

Good Workroom Supply Kit

Streamline your order process for essential workroom items, whether you're starting out, expanding your existing workroom or upgrading your trade tools. Ships for FREE.

Kit Contains:

  • 6" Wood Ruler MR6
  • Glass Head Straight Pins TP49
  • Magnetic Pin Cushion WW40
  • 9 1/2" Ergonomic Shears CU15
  • Thread Clipper WW20
  • 60" Straight Edge Ruler MR25
  • Erasable Fabric Marker PurplenPM21
  • Pen Style Chalk Marker BluenWW13/B
  • Fabric Marker Eraser PM24
  • Seam Ripper WW26
  • John James Hand Sewing Needles Long Darners Size 9 2" Long TP112
  • Gütermann Thread TG1M/Off-White /111, Black /999 and Ivory /1
  • Fringe Adhesive Pint FA10
  • 120" Flat Tape Measure DT8
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